Fresno: A World Renowned Arts and Cultural Center

Central California Conservatory of Visual & Performing Arts

Why Central California Conservatory of Visual & Performing Arts?

The community, especially the business community has been saturated with many of the current organizations vying for their supportive dollars. Central California Conservatory is an arts organization with lofty goals to become a world renowned campus drawing students from across the globe to our community to study and earn their degrees in art.

Think of Central California Conservatory as “Juilliard West” with the added component of visual arts and more. That should help you to begin to imagine the future of this organization.

Arts Conservatories are prestigious. They’re cool.

Reflecting on an Idea

January, 2017

About 10 years ago an idea was conceived. It’s an interesting read to see how some segments of the idea has found it’s way to become reality. Bringing a reputable conservatory to Fresno is a more than a vision. It is part of a project to make Fresno a “global destination” through art.

Following is the vision from years ago.

Converting the entire Fulton Mall area into the main campus of Central California Conservatory is the plan.

Granville’s living communities like Brio on Broadway, Courtyard Studio and Bungalow Court beg to be surrounded by Central California Conservatory’s campus.

The vision is clear. For non-student visitors, whether Valley residence or tourists, the enjoyment of the downtown and extended area city-wide Central California Conservatory campus will provide every element of entertainment and enjoyment desired. In a Disneyland-like atmosphere that is safe for families, visitors can enjoy numerous galleries, shops, restaurants and cafes, plus venues with live music lining the parkways and more.

All of the amenities will be in place to drive prosperity and respect to Fresno. All of the components will work homogeneously to generate trend-setting culture and raise Fresno to levels never enjoyed before.

The Valley is already renowned as the agricultural center of the world. Central California Conservatory, with the prestige of its master-level course systems housed in its amazing community loved art center will breed a phenomena causing some of the greatest works in the world to be produced. Fresno will become the heartbeat city that is pumping cultural life while showcasing artists, providing world-class performances and promoting art-based commerce that is trend-setting.