Artist Discovery Project Phase II (Videos)

Phase II of the Artist Discovery Project includes video documentary shorts to showcase the artists.

We are currently producing these now.

Jon Messer – Artist Feature

Raquel Gutierrez – Artist Feature

Deja Vu – Musical Artist Feature

Franka Gabler – Photographic Artist

Randy Haron – Photographic Artist

Patti Calvert – Artist

Deri Candice Lasher – Performing Artist

Daniel Van Gerpen – Multi-Medium Artist

Aileen Rodriguez Imperatrice – Artist

Valerie Greene – Artist

Frankie Insinga – Artist & Sculptor

Brenda Allison – Painter and Designer

HD E. Simmons – Animated Dancer

Marcos Dorado – Figure Artist

Junior Gonzales is a Fresno transplant who owns a small craft and baking business. His passion includes making movies and videos. Following are some of Junior’s video features of local artists.