Central California Conservatory Artist Discovery Project

General Information: The inaugural Artist Discovery Project exhibition brought 3000 people to the Jewel fm Gallery. It was the most attended ArtHop in the 25+ year history of Fresno’s ArtHop series. The 2nd Annual ADP Show will have even more impact in the community. The project costs in excess of $25,000 to produce. There is a nominal $300 registration fee to be one of the featured artists. YOU DO NOT PAY THAT FEE NOW – ONLY AFTER YOUR APPLICATION IS REVIEWED AND ACCEPTED.

NOTE: Registering for consideration IS NOT a commitment on your part to participate and you ARE NOT subjected to ANY FEES WHATSOEVER.

Creative Areas of Work (Check all that apply)
A video documentary featuring some of our Valley artists is being planned. Please provide a brief commentary of your artwork to help us understand how what you are doing as an artist and in the community might be of value for the video project.

Submission of my application represents my acceptance to the terms and conditions of the Artist Discovery Project Model Release (found here)