About the Artist Discovery Project


A. S. Angelo

Ray Appleton and The Appletones

Ray Appleton and The Appletones

Marc Blake, founder of the Central California Conservatory of Visual & Performing Arts is a professional photographer and video producer. He’s creating a major exhibition that will feature over 200 of our Valley’s artists.

The exhibit will include photographs that he’ll produce of each of the artists featured.

The purpose of the exhibit is to showcase you and your work to our community and the world at large.

The secondary purpose of the Conservatory’s Artist Discovery Project is to identify a selection of artists to be featured in a series of documentary videos. These videos will be pitched to our local networks for television airing.

Are you an artist?

You could be included in this project.

How to Proceed

Simply complete the FAST & EZ “Project Registration” page.


Your submission will be reviewed.

Selected applicants will be provided a list of available times to choose from to schedule their photo session.