T.W. Patterson Building Lobby Panorama. Upstairs is the Galerie de Merzan, home of the Central California Conservatory of Visual & Performing Arts.

The Central California Conservatory of Visual & Performing Arts (CCCVPA) was established to teach, promote and facilitate art, education and opportunity in the Western United States – specifically in the Central California area. Our mission is coupled with an objective that is no small task. The Conservatory aspires to one day be respected as a worthy accredited institution recognized with the stature of other major conservatories.

Training in both performing and visual arts represents the Conservatory’s core objectives.

Training at the highest levels of quality and completion, readying graduates to enter into the entertainment and arts communities prepared with the most professional skill sets to support their objectives and careers is paramount.

Other Programs & Events

Central California Conservatory of Visual & Performing Arts Artist Discovery Project

The Conservatory is building relationships with other Central Valley arts organizations to help them continue and in some situations enhance their numerous objectives and programs including:

  • In-School campus-based classroom training and workshops placing Conservatory staff and non-Conservatory artists into our community’s K-12 schools to conduct arts training.
  • Provide for arts events including exhibitions and performances in all areas of music, dance and drama.
  • Serve as a portal to aid those bringing art to the community through their organizations and/or individual efforts.

It is through art that lives are changed!

CCCVPA is motivated to help our youth find positive direction through artistic and creative exercise. Watching a young, inquisitive student discover their creative potential and talent is a reward in itself. However, the more important part of that discovery is the fact that through artistic expression children find ways to build meaningful lives for themselves. Art training helps people of all ages build confidence and self-worth. This builds value in the community. It is with a vehicle of this creative stature that we shall also bring value to community at large.